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A Night Sky: a rolling good time
Category: Reviews January 28, 2011 Tags: , ,

A Night Sky is the most recent game to be released by Nifflas. Nifflas is a familiar face on the indie games scene having produced a number of popular titles including Saira and Within a deep forest. Nifflas’ games are marked by innovativeness and a relaxed atmospheric feel and A Night Sky is no exception. […] read on
Saira: motor skills required
Category: Reviews January 13, 2011 Tags: , ,

Sprinting across the surface of a far flung planet Saira flows smoothly forward, the cool atmosphere streaming past her face. Picking her way over the rocky landscape each of her strides explodes with a liquid power propelling her rapidly toward a towering rock face and surrounding spires. The purple red light of a nearby star […] read on
Braid: a stitch in time
Category: Reviews December 8, 2010 Tags: , , ,

Braid is Super Mario Brothers out for a bender and high on a hefty dose of Acid. The Acid trip starts slowly; the first few levels are quite normal and conform to the basic platform idea. Then some weirdness starts to sneak up on you… You can reverse time at your convenience!? There are no […] read on
Aztaka: a double edged sword
Category: Reviews December 8, 2010 Tags: ,

Aztaka is like a jar filled with salt and barbed wire with a $100 note sitting enticingly at the bottom. Clearly the reward looks worth the effort so gingerly you ease your hand into the mouth of the jar, ready to carefully navigate toward the goal. Reaching in the cuts sting and burn fiercely but […] read on