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A Night Sky: a rolling good time
Category: Reviews January 28, 2011 Tags: , ,

A Night Sky is the most recent game to be released by Nifflas. Nifflas is a familiar face on the indie games scene having produced a number of popular titles including Saira and Within a deep forest. Nifflas’ games are marked by innovativeness and a relaxed atmospheric feel and A Night Sky is no exception. […] read on
Saira: motor skills required
Category: Reviews January 13, 2011 Tags: , ,

Sprinting across the surface of a far flung planet Saira flows smoothly forward, the cool atmosphere streaming past her face. Picking her way over the rocky landscape each of her strides explodes with a liquid power propelling her rapidly toward a towering rock face and surrounding spires. The purple red light of a nearby star […] read on