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How Futures Aid Task Based Multithreading
Category: Programming December 8, 2010 Tags: , , , ,

Task based multithreading makes a lot of sense and is a great way to break work into manageable parcels that can be processed in parallel. A task can be conceptualised as a finite piece of work that produces a result when complete. Using a thread to carry out a task is logical, but the problem […] read on
Function pointers for thread communication
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When you program with thread objects (a thread bound to a class instance) in C++ you inevitably run into the need for an effective way of extracting information from them. At this point the dilemma becomes; do you ask the thread for the information or do you get the thread to report it to you? […] read on
An Object Oriented Approach to Threading in C++
Category: Programming December 8, 2010 Tags: , , , ,

Multithreading in C++ can be a daunting topic to approach. Not only is the subject matter confusing and filled with gotchas, but it can also be hard to know how to effectively implement threads in real code and real situations. In this tutorial I will describe an object oriented approach to dealing with threads that […] read on