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Data driven time management insights
Category: Games November 30, 2017 Tags: , ,

I tracked my game development time in detail over a 14 month period. The data that this produced has helped me to make better decisions and have an unbiased view of my time management. In my opinion having hard data to contrast with your gut feeling is incredibly important for having an accurate understanding of your personal time management. read on
Issue Tracking is Public
Category: Games November 11, 2017 Tags: , ,

In my previous post I gave a progress report on getting my issue tracking system exposed so that anyone can look at it. I’m happy to announce that the process has now been completed and that issue tracking and a dashboard of upcoming work can now be accessed! What I’ve done is provide browsing access […] read on
Exposing JIRA to the Public
Category: Games October 28, 2017 Tags: ,

As I mentioned in my last post on open development I’ve been looking into making my issue tracking system public. For my issue tracking I use JIRA as that is what I’ve used professionally and I’m very comfortable with it. Current State Up until this point I’ve been recording all of the work I’ve been […] read on