Let development commence

It's finally time for some game development to start! It's been a long time coming with the development of the website soaking up so much of my time. There is no particular game idea that I am working on specifically yet. Rather I am going to focus on getting famiiar with my tools and constructing an environment in which I can test out ideas as easily as possible. I am working with C++ in a linux environment and I want what I produce to be runnable on both Linux and Windows at a minimum.

Qt GUI Framework Logo

For my tools I have chosen the Ogre3D open source rendering engine and the Qt GUI application framework. Both are cross platform, mature and have good documentation available. The reason that I have chosen Qt over a more game oriented GUI (like CEGUI) is because it is easier to develop with and my aim at this stage is to prototype a game, not to build a finished product.

ogre3D game engine logo

My first order of business is to embed an Ogre3D render window into a Qt GUI. I already have a bit of experience with Ogre3D and Qt separately, but I'll need to learn a fair bit more before I can integrate them successfully. This amalgamation will form the basis for display and interaction. What I'm doing at the moment is quite exploratory and should give me the understanding that I need to implement it properly afterwards.

I am going to produce a Qt GUI window that has an embedded Ogre3D render window. The Ogre3D render window will display a cube that can be changed colour by using a Qt GUI control. Simple as that! So there are a few main things that I will be tackling:

  • Creating a functional GUI using Qt
  • Embedding an Ogre3D render window in a Qt window
  • Using messages from the Qt GUI to perform actions in the Ogre3D render window

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