Issue Tracking is Public

Upcoming issue list

In my previous post I gave a progress report on getting my issue tracking system exposed so that anyone can look at it. I'm happy to announce that the process has now been completed and that issue tracking and a dashboard of upcoming work can now be accessed!

What I've done is provide browsing access to all issues and the dashboard shows the issues to be included in the next minor version. There is currently no ability log issues, comment or interact in any way, it's purely a read-only view. As things move forward and there is interest I'll consider how best to open this up or use it to facilitate communication.

Travails with Jira

Beyond the issues that I mentioned in my first post I had one more minor issue. I was trying to get a nice summary dashboard up to provide an easy at a glance view of the current plan and progress by using Jira's built in "Gadgets". These are supposed to look at your project, pull out data and then provide a useful view. What I wanted to do was use the Agile Wallboard Gadget to display my backlog; what was in progress and what was yet to be completed. Unfortunately I had to learn that the gadget simply can't be viewed by unauthenticated users for some reason.

Over the course of this process I've come to a basic understanding of Jira's permissions system and how they should relate to public users and the critical thing is to have the filter (if the gadget uses one) set to public. Frustratingly though, the Agile Wallboard Gadget doesn't have an associated filter and just completely refuses to show, I suspect it may be to do with the Jira Agile licensing 🙁

What I've done instead is used the custom search filter widget to display the issues in the next upcoming version. This displays the status etc in table form so while not the same visually it should be about 90% as functional as the Agile gadget.

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