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Due to the intense amount of time I've had to spend developing this website I haven't yet had a chance to develop any original games that can be showcased here. However I do have a tech demo that I made a couple of years ago that should serve well as a teaser for things to come. The demo demonstrates AI flocking behaviour (simulated flocks of birds) that can be interacted with by the user. The scope of the demo is small but it is quite enjoyable to play around with. Give it a download and let me know what you think in the comments!

download the demo!

screenshot of the flocking demo

Running the Demo

To run the demo you will need to be using Windows of some variety. Once downloaded simply extract and run flocking_demo.exe in the folder it came in.

Technical Information

Flocking is an Artificial Intelligence technique that produces an emergent group behaviour through basic rules for the movement of each individual in the group. Each individual determines it's course by referencing the direction, distance and heading of the other members of it's group. The behaviour this produces is that of a simulated flock of birds, they cohesively stay together and all move in the same broad direction. So in the demo you see truly emergent behaviour, no flock is told where to go. Each flock is controlled by the minute variations in the headings of it's members.

The demo is written entirely in C++ and utilises the windows API for windowing and the GUI, rendering is through the Truevision3D engine.

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