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Ardanteia is released
Category: Games May 4, 2018

Well it’s surely been the long road but I’ve finally got a public version of Ardanteia that I’m happy enough with to announce as the first early access version!! At this stage the game is still lacking several core roguelike aspects which I hope to address in coming releases. What’s available now is a puzzle […] read on
Data driven time management insights
Category: Games November 30, 2017 Tags: , ,

I tracked my game development time in detail over a 14 month period. The data that this produced has helped me to make better decisions and have an unbiased view of my time management. In my opinion having hard data to contrast with your gut feeling is incredibly important for having an accurate understanding of your personal time management. read on
Issue Tracking is Public
Category: Games November 11, 2017 Tags: , ,

In my previous post I gave a progress report on getting my issue tracking system exposed so that anyone can look at it. I’m happy to announce that the process has now been completed and that issue tracking and a dashboard of upcoming work can now be accessed! What I’ve done is provide browsing access […] read on
Exposing JIRA to the Public
Category: Games October 28, 2017 Tags: ,

As I mentioned in my last post on open development I’ve been looking into making my issue tracking system public. For my issue tracking I use JIRA as that is what I’ve used professionally and I’m very comfortable with it. Current State Up until this point I’ve been recording all of the work I’ve been […] read on
Pursuing Open Development
Category: Games October 18, 2017 Tags: , ,

In my last post I gave some detail on my vision and philosophy for what makes my ideal game and in this post I’ll be talking about how I plan to make that vision a reality. What I’m going to focus on though is less about the logistics of programming, art or tools and, like last time, more about the philosophy of how I’m going to go about it. read on
A Second Beginning
Category: Games October 17, 2017 Tags:

It’s been 6 years but I’m finally back and ready to have a second shot at building my vision for a brilliant game! I’ve bitten the bullet and resigned from my day job to focus on game development full time. I have alotted one year to validate whether I have a future in making games so please join me on a wild ride for the next 52 weeks and see if we can find an answer in the affirmative together. read on
Time for a factory pattern
Category: Games Programming January 3, 2012 Tags: , ,

I’ve finally been getting some solid C++ development time in over the holidays and just the other day I got around to implementing a Factory design pattern object for the Radman Games library. For those not in the know a Factory is a pattern that eases creation of many similar objects. Essentially it allows you […] read on
CMake and it’s usability problems
Category: Games May 8, 2011 Tags: ,

So after a lot of frustration i’ve finally managed to erect a somewhat satisfactory build system for use in my projects. In addition to this I have changed my version control software from Subversion (SVN) to Mercurial. It has been clear to me for sometime that Mercurial is superior to SVN and while the cost […] read on
Progress on integrating Qt and Ogre3D
Category: Games February 12, 2011 Tags: , ,

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on integrating an Ogre render window into a Qt user interface. My goal is to have a cube rendered by ogre that can be changed colour by controls in the Qt user interface. Currently I have managed to get the integration working as a proof […] read on
Let development commence
Category: Games January 21, 2011 Tags: ,

It’s finally time for some game development to start! It’s been a long time coming with the development of the website soaking up so much of my time. There is no particular game idea that I am working on specifically yet. Rather I am going to focus on getting famiiar with my tools and constructing […] read on