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Issue Tracking is Public
Category: Games November 11, 2017 Tags: , ,

In my previous post I gave a progress report on getting my issue tracking system exposed so that anyone can look at it. I’m happy to announce that the process has now been completed and that issue tracking and a dashboard of upcoming work can now be accessed! What I’ve done is provide browsing access […] read on
A Night Sky: a rolling good time
Category: Reviews January 28, 2011 Tags: , ,

A Night Sky is the most recent game to be released by Nifflas. Nifflas is a familiar face on the indie games scene having produced a number of popular titles including Saira and Within a deep forest. Nifflas’ games are marked by innovativeness and a relaxed atmospheric feel and A Night Sky is no exception. […] read on
How to use Function Pointers in C++
Category: Programming April 7, 2013 Tags: , ,

Function pointers in C++ have a somewhat obtuse syntax and similarly confusing semantics. This tutorial will lay out the syntax and semantics for the most common use cases in a way that is comprehensible and easy to get to grips with. The description here is by no means exhaustive but in my experience it should cover about 90% of the things you would want to do as long as you are making appropriate use of Boost.bind and Boost.function or their std equivalents (as you should be). read on